Lime Kiln State Park

Lime Kiln Start Park was only a 5 minute drive from where we stayed on the island, and it turned out to be a great spot for hiking, whale-watching, and exploring tidal pools. There are a number of trails that lead you from the parking lot to the lighthouse, along the coast, and various look out points. A couple highlights from our time there: We found a banana slug on our hike – which was ENORMOUS. Jane reminded us that she can scale boulders much faster than the rest of us. And we learned a bit about the whales that pass through and live in the surrounding waters.

The tidal pools were incredible and full of life. We found crabs, fish, sea snails, anemones, barnacles, mussels, and many others. We took along this book and used it to identify what we found as well as learn a bit about each creature. The best part was definitely the sea lion we saw splashing around just 15 yards away from us! We were all wading in the water and climbing on the rocks when we looked up and saw his head poke out of the water. He hung around for a few minutes before swimming off, giving us just enough time to get a good look at him. I’m sure it’s something we’ll remember for years to come!



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