Getting Outside

The weather has finally warmed up out here in the Pacific Northwest and we are taking full advantage. The kids and I have been outside every day – whether it’s playing outside in our yard and neighborhood or finding new playgrounds to explore. From the moment they wake up (which is way too early) to the moment they go to bed (which is way too late) all they want to do is go outside. Which I love! Being outdoors is so amazing for children. There is so much to learn and see and climb on and explore. Henry is no longer squeamish around bugs and insects. Now, when he finds a new snail, he’ll gently pick it up and hold it so we can all take a closer look. Jane’s ability to run and climb is pretty impressive for a child her age. I suppose if she wants to keep up with Henry, she doesn’t have much of a choice! 🙂 Just yesterday Alex took them down to the lake and they saw the first baby ducks of the season! Here’s to a long summer filled with many new adventures for us!



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