Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

This past weekend the kids and I packed up and headed south to the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. They had both just gotten over their colds and I *had* to get out of the house. Plus, it was sunny in March! That never happens! This park is similar to a zoo, with a few differences. The animals that live there are the same animals you would find in the Washington wilderness. Plus, the park is designed to make you feel like you are going for a walk through the woods and seeing the animals in what would be their natural habitat. At one point, we were walking along the path and I looked over to see a bobcat following us! There’s also a tram ride that takes you through roughly 435 acres of meadows, forests and marshes. We saw bison, elk, moose, mountain goats, deer, and a few other animals – most within a few feet from our window!

The park also has a fantastic discovery center geared towards little kids and a playground that is made almost entirely from natural materials – logs, tree stumps, rocks, etc. I’m always impressed by the playgrounds in Washington – they really push kids to challenge themselves. And many aspects of this playground could be manipulated, so kids were moving logs and branches around to create forts and hiding places.

Henry and Jane loved the tram ride and playground the most. They also loved looking at (and fighting over) the park map. Henry liked planning our route through the park and Jane just liked taking it from him, as little sisters do. They spent so much of their time arguing over what we should see next that I felt they weren’t enjoying themselves and learning about the animals. But, within a few seconds of leaving the park, they were both telling me they had the BEST DAY EVER and asking when we could go back. Go figure!



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